Cummins Jetscan 4099 Dual Pocket Scanner/Counter

Cummins Jetscan 4099 Dual Pocket Scanner/Counter

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Cummins Jetscan 4099 Currency Scanner/Counter

Part Number 409-9909-00

With Counterfeit Detection: Magnetic, Enhanced UV, Fluoresence, Infra-Red, and IQ™ Sensing Technology

Software Is Current For All Bills Including The New $100 Bill.   

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Includes Power Cord, Extended Hopper, Dust Cover, And Printed User Manual.

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 Features Of The 4099

 Two Full Capacity Pockets -- Two 150 note capacity pockets make currency sorting, counting and strapping fast and easy. The second pocket can be used for an additional denomination, tickets, or to offsort exception notes without stopping.

 Multiple Processing Modes -- Bills can be processed utilizing stranger detection, mixed, sort, count, offsort, face or orient modes.

 Touch Panel, Adjustable LCD Display -- Illuminated display is easy to see under all lighting conditions.

 Four Levels of Memory -- The JetScan™ currency scanner keeps separate totals for sub-batches, batches, day totals and strap limits. All are maintained during brownouts and/or power failure.

 Exact Bill Stopping -- The JetScan currency scanner can be set up to stop precisely on a challenged bill.

 Adjustable Strap Stops -- Separate strap stop limits can be established for each denomination.

 Verification -- Allows currency to be counted or recounted without changing totals in memory.

 Add Function -- For cumulative counting when desired.

 Dual Denominating Sensors -- Provides high-speed denomination recognition of faced or unfaced bills.


Communications -- Activates ports for up to four devices including computers, printers and remote displays.

Power -- Voltage operating range is 105-130VAC or 198-253VAC. Frequency is 50/60Hz. Customer must provide a single-phase, dedicated power line that meets the machine’s power rating(s). Use a properly grounded circuit breaker in compliance with applicable local electrical code.

Full load amps (FLA): 1.5/1.0A.

Power disruptions and fluctuations causing input voltage other than that listed in power requirements can lead to improper operation of this device, damage to electrical components, and failure.

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