Cummins JetScan IFX i223

Cummins JetScan IFX i223

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This i223 Has Been Updated For The New $100 Bills.

Photos Show The Actual i223 For Sale. This Unit Has Very Little Usage & Wear.  

This Unit Was Serviced & Cleaned March 2018.  

Includes The Adjustable Hopper, Power Supply, Power Cord, Printed Manual.

30 Day Warranty Covers 100% Parts And Labor. 

If Interested, Please Contact Us   [email protected]

Faster currency counting plus imaging on one device

The JetScan iFX i223 currency counter and scanner offers 20% faster cash counting with 2 fully functional pockets for increased productivity.

Count, image, sort and face mixed currency at an industry-leading speed of 1,200 bills per minute. Minimize the time employees spend counting cash using the fastest two-pocket currency counting machine.


  • Fastest two-pocket currency scanner: 20% faster with 60% fewer rejects gives you the fastest commercial money counter available.

  • Mixed bill processing: Count and denominate up to 1,200 mixed bills per minute to end shifts on time and avoid overtime costs.

  • Two configurable pockets: Fully functional pockets hold up to 200 bills each. Assign target notes to either pocket for strapping and sorting.

  • Simple jam recovery:Clear jams quickly and easily with minimal impact on processing. Access the entire note path from the front of the machine.

  • Easy-to-use: Change processing modes with the touch of a button on intuitive color touch-screen display. Option to show only the buttons needed for daily operation.

  • Serial number capture: Capture full-size images of every note at up to 1,200 bills per minute for a highly effective means of tracking currency.

  • Check scanning: Process checks at 400 documents per minute. Reduce overtime costs, extend deadlines, and improve employee morale.

  • Future-ready design: Easily upgrade select models with a software activation key as new features become available.

  • Counterfeit Detection: The most advanced counterfeit detection in the industry. Patented sensors and analytic software analyze each bill, catching counterfeits that others miss.

  • Four levels of memory: Keep separate totals for: sub-batches, batches, day totals and strap limits.

  • Unit/value display: Show totals as dollar value or unit counts.

  • Adjustable strap stops: Set separate strap stop limits for each denomination.

  • Verification: Count or recount currency without changing day totals.

  • Add function: Perform cumulative cash counting as needed.

  • Interface/communications: USB, RS232, Ethernet

  • Operating system: Windows CE

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